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For Audit and Operations, save time and reduce fraud with
  the #1 ABL Specific Data Analysis Software Product

Read-in Agings, Inventory, Sales, Cash, GLs, Customer name lists, Etc.  Age by invoice date or due date with sophisticated options to deal with aging credits, retainages, finance charges and ineligible columns.  Groups concentrations (e.g., All Wal-Mart Stores and Sams Club).  Identify amount that exceed the allowed eligible days (e.g., Over 90) with four methods.  Tag customers as affiliates, International, Etc.  Find credit memos and finance charge ineligibles, Refoot all reports for mathematical accuracy.  Study inventory movement (turnover) with a variety of methods. Get AR, Inventory and AP Stats in minutes, not hours, Add user defined ineligibles.  Complex patterns, different trap row patterns and row offsets are supported.  All report settings are saved as you work. Enhances any ABL monitoring system with more subtle tweaks and well developed Borrowing Base Certificate options than any system on the planet.  Enhanced constantly since 1998.

Share with AssetWriter and AssetArchive.
AssetWriter-AssetReader-AssetArchive Interaction 


Database Driven Field Exam Report Software

Full-featured ABL Audit Report Software with graphs, writeup, re-exams and imports from multiple examiners. Accepts AR Availability, Concentrations of AR and AP and other data directly from AssetReader.  Results are mathematically accurate, even for consolidations.  Insightful data grids and over 130 reports are available.  Also used by most of the ABL Outsource firms in North America for a broad user-base of examiners to choose from.



Historical Fraud Analytics from AssetReader Data

Operations business intelligence through Analytics across time. Trends of AR, AP and AR collateral availability, but with the ability to spot new debtors, significant changes in debtor balances, invoices and even step-down to mitigate fraud risks with each new report received. Also has an optional confirmation module that helps to verify and track anomalies from AssetArchive identified exceptions and other  recurring monitoring parameters.