Programming Services

FinSoft, LLC Programming


FinSoft, LLC offers a wide range of programming services to the financial community.  We feature a management team of seasoned programmers and a CPA, giving us the ability to handle a wide range of financial, operations and support services.  Equipment, software, and our team are always state-of-the-art.

Custom Programming

Programming services are focused on Visual Basic.NET and VB 6.0 applications (All new code is .NET).  We are well versed in Active-X (OCX) controls, OLE, VBA, ASP.NET and a variety of database formats using SQL, Access, DB2, Oracle and Sybase, as well as ADO, RDO and ODBC.  Our application experience ranges from laptop systems to full-blown client-server systems.

Web programming, you bet we do!.  Have custom banking, asset based lending or accounting needs that require web-based applications or intranet applications, we can get it done right.  If you've seen the AssetWriter on-line demo, then you have an idea of some of the things we've done.  With prior projects including building a killer application for a car dealership chain and an on-line registration for government bids, we can handle your needs.  

Help Authoring & Technical Documentation

Good systems include on-line help.  We have the ability to write, implement and maintain on-line documentation tutorials based in Java and HTML5 technologies.  If you've seen the ABL-Help file or our AssetWriter and AssetReader Help systems, then you know we mean business.  Technical writing is also available.


FinSoft, LLC uses in-house programmers and a vesting partnership arrangement to insure quality and continued program support.  We don't work for the company, we own it!