AssetWriter Version 2

Field Examination Workpaper Software


AssetWriter Version 2 is a stand-alone Windows® based software program for Asset Based Lending field exams, workpapers, due diligence, and business analysis.  Started in 1996 and completely rewritten for 2021, the program addresses the shortcomings of electronic spreadsheets, the costs of in-house systems, the flexibility needs of due diligence and budget restraints.  But there is a great deal more, because the expert-level data grids and graphs in the Writeup provide valuable information that would normally take over a day to calculate.  AssetWriter will Improve your speed, accuracy, and depth of analysis while driving staff costs down.

AssetWriter field examination workpaper and write-up software is the world's most complete and widely used ABL Field Exam Software package for ABL due diligence (see our distinguished customer list).   The add-on currency module supports international inputs to generate a consolidated output to any one currency.  Now with a sophisticated graphing module that allows graphs to become part of the write-up and workpapers.  It accepts data feeds from AssetReader Data Analysis software for less keying and less errors, making it the most integrated ABL package in the world.  The "Template-Based" report setup lets users customize the look and content to current Lender needs while allowing future changes to be placed into the "Templates" to update older exams with ease.

AssetWriter Field Examination Software



Recent Core Changes for the NEW 2.0 Version Benefits
More Data Summaries in write-up 125+ available Build write-up reports that have the data presentations desired
Split screens enable write-up and input screens to stay in view Put the write-up and Workpapers side-by side or across screens
Graphs can be embedded into the write-up and workpaper set A variety of graphs are available for the write-up or workpapers
Over 140+ Workpapers Workpaper variation allows users to select the best presentations
Consolidating Borrowing Base Reports Detailed or Summary Borrowing Base Reports and consolidating by division
F2 invoked calculator on all screens Cell math or editing with a popup calculator to build data inputs
Excel Export is 5,000 times faster Receivable and Inventory Ineligible Footnotes in write-up
Enhanced Template Styles for write-ups Select the fonts and primary header styles for write-up sections
Enhanced Cover Sheet with data links and style border Enhanced appearance of the write-up cover page
Borrowing Base caps for inventory are enhanced Refined Borrowing Base Information and Caps (including Inventory % of Line)
More comparisons to Prior Examinations Enhanced Executive Summary data
Writeup build speed Compile speed of Writeup improved 330%+
Notes and Data Sources User notes and documentation of data sources is now per test area
Optional two Scopes can be specified and used in write-up Optional Pro-Pack includes two scopes for write-up (e.g., Report and Operations Review)
Optional Audit the Audit Report / Tick-and-tie summaries Optional Pro-Pack - Smarter examiner Tick-and-tie to reduce audit manager review work


AssetWriter is the most advanced full-blown Asset Based Lending and due diligence software ever created.  This stand-alone program includes a flexible spreadsheet-like interface, database storage and word processing, without the overhead of OLE or multiple products.  AssetWriter includes the best interface ever developed for ABL, with multiple division tests and consolidations, word processing, customizable report formats and more. 

Reliability?  We found that you are more likely to crash Excel and MS-Word (combined) than our products.  We know of no math errors in our products (you can't say that about spreadsheets).  Our support is the best in the industry (we're employee owned) and our Asset Based Lending background is well known in the industry.

Put expert level power in the hands of all examiners while reducing staffing costs with automated efficiencies.  Improve accuracy and remove the time wasting formatting headaches that spreadsheets and word processors create.  

Hardware can't improve speed by any reasonable amount; we're at the top of the speed curve for spreadsheets and word processors.  Software integration can provide benefits of 20%-50% in time savings, unlike hardware investments or macro or script driven spreadsheets.


AssetWriter Currency Translation
International Ready!  It took four years.  AssetWriter Currency Translation Module allows field exam data to be entered in any currency and then translated to any currency for both workpapers and into the Writeup report section.



Spreadsheets Can't Do this...

  • Consolidate all divisions with 3-4 clicks

  • Import any test from another examiner

  • Consolidate the Writeup data (1 or 1000 divisions)

  • Setup exams from Lender defined templates

  • Upgrade older exams to new templates (no more formula fix nightmares or "New Template" gymnastics)

  • Convert currencies and provide a report of missing currency rates for specific dates

  • Show what items do not tick-and-tie for each division

  • Provide different scopes of work (e.g., AR Only Exam, AR and Inventory Exam, New Business Exam)

  • Allows AssetReader data to be exported into the Audit report


Features Benefits
Setup is automated Spend minutes not hours setting up
Exam "Templates" are designed by you Exams are "cloned" from a "Template" in your style
Exam "Templates" allow older exams to be updated When the master "Template" exam changes, the older exams can be updated
User defined report order The entire report outline and order can be customized
Graph Module Visual data presentation can be printed or embedded into the write-up
Consistent Interface and reports Learn fast, finish faster, fully utilize staff
Stand-alone system includes our support Fast performance with expert support
Intelligent print options format workpapers Batch printing of consolidations or combinations
Tests flow together and are combined Spend minutes not hours printing
Drop-down reason codes for credit memos Linked data saves time and reduces errors
User input is automatically summarized Save hours - compute dilution instantly
Multiple divisions, examiners, and loans Accurate and quick analysis of combinations
Multiple examiners can be imported with ease Eliminate costly consolidation chores
Paste from Excel As needed Excel summaries can be added to the write-up
Print workbook to Excel Workbook with an Index page is ready to distribute
Print workpapers to Excel Hand Borrower the samples in one workbook
Division-level setup Structure by Company eases data input
Small Database size Portable files fit on a floppy (also easy to e-mail)
Word Processor shows data summaries Reports are easily typed from summarized data and output to Word DOCX
AssetReader Data can be exported into AssetWriter Detailed Ineligible Analysis can be Automated in AssetReader
System uses a database for file archives Future enhancements use same data
Currency Translation Module (an optional module) Key in data in any currency and output to any currency


AssetWriter saves time while improving accuracy by removing the formatting headaches that spreadsheets and word processors create.  AssetWriter provides a turn-key and state-of-the-art solution for: in-depth analysis, consistent reports, clear presentations, faster report preparation, better outsourcing, computer support and cost control.  AssetWriter is backed with training, quarterly updates, and employee-owner technical support. 

With AssetWriterTM

  • Save time by combining tests
  • Select from over 50 field tests
  • Select from over 140 data grids available in the write-up section
  • Export reports to MS-Word files
  • Export Workpapers to Excel Workbooks
  • Save time with word processing and data summaries in view together
  • Save time with data summaries embedded into write-up in any order that you choose
  • Save time consolidating data from multiple examiners with an easy to use import screens
  • Save time by consolidating multiple divisions with one mouse click per division
  • Improve report accuracy with automation
  • Analyze data with expert reports and the benefit of more time
  • Customize report formats as needed.
  • Outsourcing can be consistent with in-house formats
  • Support and training comes from software and ABL experts
  • Time efficiencies lead to greater productivity
  • Reduce staff work time, frustration and turnover
  • Get control of complex reports


  • PC Windows Platform
  • 8 GB of Ram
  • Desktop Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2016 or higher
  • Virtual Machines (Windows VM, Citrix / XEN, etc.) that are versions within the past 4 years
  • 250 Megs of Hard Drive Space
  • Mouse or Similar Pointing Device
  • Display at 1300 x 800 or higher

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