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Do you key in data all of the time, too much of the time?  Industry leading ineligible calculations for accounts receivable and inventory are easy to setup and maintain.  Calculating less desirable collateral for the Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) or summarizing sales, cash and GL activity for field examinations (audits) and more.  AssetReader is the industry specific tool to for electronic file analysis and calculations that are Asset Based Lending specific.  From a one page report to a 10,000 page report, AssetReader can import the data in popular formats and quickly calculate ineligible collateral, stats, summaries and other ABL specific data with no programming needed by the software user.

We're the folks that wrote the ineligible definition and "guidebook" with ABL-Help, the leading reference tool in the ABL industry.  This leadership in creating and maintaining the most complete Asset Based Lending collateral and underwriting calculation reference is used at most of the major asset based lending institutions and outsource firms.  Our efforts to automate calculations and speed the gathering of stats comes from over 34+ years in the ABL profession in the areas of field examinations and back-office management.  We're an ABL focused software company. 

AssetReader invented the import Wizard idea back in 1998 and we have extended and refined that to all import types (AR, AP, Inventory, Sales, Cash, GL, Customer Addresses, Vendor Addresses, Etc.).  We've been doing machine learning (ML) since 1998 and there is nothing as refined and detailed in the ABL industry because of the time invested.  Others are just 20+ years behind us in development.  We've got the best and best detailed ways to analyze agings, journals, ineligible accounts and transactions in record time.  In fact, AssetReader is a better idea for ineligible software than any other solution on the market because it actually has real ABL artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) analysis built-in.  We have seen the difficulty in using other general accounting products that simply parse accounting report data with no ABL-specific settings.  Again, not just collateral, we can process ABL-specific data for both Operations and Audit needs and provide the BI and AI that gets it done faster.

A simple to use wizard-based uses ML with the power to get the job done well for the ABL community allows AssetReader users to log-onto almost any format (fixed length, parsed or Excel and PDF too) in about five minutes and not hours.  Even after hours of programming hassles, other products can't match AssetReader's ineligible calculations, BI, contras, or analysis of stats because we spent thousands of hours on point and click setups for you.  Come and take a look around and Contact for a demo of the best solution in the ABL industry.

Point-and-click ineligible options from seasoned ABL professionals are encapsulated into the BI, stats, contras, inventory and other report calculations, wile the easiest to use import and analysis features in the world insure that your employees actually use the product.  Exports of collateral Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) amounts and concentrations to AssetWriter field examination software reduces both field time and errors. 

The AssetReader data export to AssetArchive for BI and AI analytics that helps to find fraud and it also feed our optional AssetArchive Confirmation module that is second to none for customized confirmations by e-mail, fax, postal or phone; complete with tracking and reports.  Best of breed is the only thing we do and we're years ahead of any other product due to constant refinements.

Happier examiners and operations department staff mean higher job satisfaction and less staff turnover.  Sharing data between audit and Operations means real-world efficiencies.  You'll find our users to be fanatics about our products because we're industry insiders that demand excellence from our products. 

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Bank examiner's, CPA's, consultants and due diligence professionals now have a common tool to analyze agings, inventory reports and company data.  AssetReader features include:

Users can now download AR, AP, Sales, Cash, G/L journals and inventory data with specific Asset Based Lending reports and analysis.  Ineligible calculations include the ability to specify different cross-aging percents, concentration limits for different customers, trap transaction codes that should be removed from collateral and group items to common names such as Wal-Mart Stores Combined or DRAM Combined.  Field Examiners (auditors) can import years of data and instantly group by transaction code for the fastest stats gathering possible.  AssetReader has the ability to perform complex analysis, import multiple reports to build one large report (aging, inventory, sales, cash, GL, Etc.) from multiple divisions or multiple months.  As always, the data is summarized in an expert manner for ABL specific ineligibles for Receivables and Inventory or stats analysis.


Features Benefits
Setup uses a wizard interface Spend minutes not hours parsing data
Formatted Imports - TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, HTML Imports the formats that others can't = More imports
Delimited Imports - , ; : @ # Tab, Etc.. Imports any delimiter
Trap Aging Customer Name rows Traps rows above the data
Traps multiple rows Can trap Customer Name rows and Credit Term rows, Etc.
By Far the Easiest to use Data product in the world Everything else is quite complex by comparison
Consistent interface Learn fast, finish faster, fully utilize staff
Eliminate programming All ineligibles and setups are there.  Click to set.
Expert ABL analysis is already programmed-in Real ABL Ineligible reports - not available anywhere else
Eliminate old tools such as Monarch, Idea, ACL, Etc. One tool that gets it done easier and faster
Floating Traps (multiple floating traps per row) Trap Customer / Vendor / Part names that float in position
Ineligible calculations are automated Data can be tested in minutes and not hours
Smart ineligible ideas and procedures ABL Specific ineligibles from the authors of ABL-Help
Cross-Age different debtors at any percent Electronically recalculates in seconds
Credits over Eligible Days using 3 methods Experiment with options in seconds
Credits Under Eligible Days option Allows users to add-back credits within the eligible limit
Automatic reversal of aged credits Reverses double counting of credits
Sortable columns in predefined reports Sort as needed with column clicks (exports retain sorts)
Concentrations based on % and $ limits Control credit and concentration risks
Find Concentrations electronically Group like-named Concentrations with our Concentration Finder
Group Concentrations manually Group un-like accounts such as US Navy and The U. S. Dept. of State
Trap wildcards for code traps Trap invoice sequences such as 99* or *DM
Contra analysis is net of invoice ineligibles such as DM's Multiple ineligible categories for any one customer
Contra Groups - Alias ABC Company to XYZ Inc. Alias different names to a common contra name
Contras (Smartest in the world, not just first characters) Get more matches on similar accounts
Tag ineligible invoice codes Trap codes such as FC, DM, Etc. without programming
Tag ineligible inventory codes Trap codes such as Scrap, Pkg, Etc. without programming
Tag ineligibles visually with drag-over highlighting Tag items for Receivables and Inventory ineligibles
Stand-alone system includes our support Fast performance with expert support
Perform aging analysis electronically Data can be tested in minutes and not hours
Group concentrations electronically Alias Wal-Mart and Sam's into one account easily
Find duplicate invoices and sequence anomalies Prevents fraud and allows exceptions to be tested
Identify round dollar amounts Reduce fraud by finding integer value items
Re-age entire reports to test for 100% accuracy Test 100% for proper aging and report column totals
Perform shipping / billing test electronically Data can be tested in minutes and not hours
Import Inventory Reports YES, We do inventory too
Import Usage or Cost of Sales Reports Automates turnover calculations with inventory
Aged inventory Calculates age and excess value on hand
Cross-ages Inventory High excess quantity can make the item ineligible
Joins Inventory on Hand with Cost of Sales Reports The only automatic joins available - No programming
Inventory grouping Automatic subtotals regardless of how you group
Handles multiple divisions Accurate and quick analysis of combinations
Template is part of the import database Portable files contain the setup and the imported data
FinSoft adds features on a regular basis Won't become obsolete from technological changes
Reads any date format Other programs can't read many date formats
Reads unusual date formats including no delimiters Other programs can't read many formats
Can instantly freeze an aging column to prevent reaging Unaged credits and charge-backs can be isolated
Handles Retainage agings Splits retainage and aged invoice amount on same row
Allows future items to be aged Aging buckets can be setup with future days
Summarizes sales, cash and G/L's by month Automatically splits out months
Summarizes sales, cash and G/L's by transaction code Produces cross-tab reports of transaction codes
Reads negative signs left, right, () and CR Other programs can't read some formats
Export to AssetWriter Save field exam time (Ineligibles, concentrations, more)
Export to AssetArchive Real-time fraud detection and historical trends
32 Bit or 64 Bit Support Take advantage of faster 64 bit Windows
Multiple CPU Core Support Will automatically take advantage of all available cores


Are your agings and other reports accurate and are you spending too much time on aging or other report analysis?  Worried about fraud?  Worried about staff support overload?  Want some additional peace of mind?  Want our support and the ability to use the best tool on the market with that support?

AssetReader saves time while improving accuracy by removing the manual analysis and formatting headaches that spreadsheets or general use import tools require for aging and other report analysis.  AssetReader provides a turn-key and state-of-the-art solution for: in-depth analysis, consistent reports, clear presentations, faster report preparation, better outsourcing, computer support and cost control.  AssetReader is backed with training, quarterly updates, and employee-owner technical support.

Pricing Structures & Features


Due to recent updates, demand for our services and requests from varying types of users, we have implemented a different pricing structure based on software use and functional area.  In addition, the structure noted below has been influenced by time savings for examiners (less billable hours for outsource firms), and back-office cost savings (less staffing for institutions), and technical support and program power available to data processing professionals.  Please Contact for pricing details for your needs:

Examiners - Field Examiners that work for an institution or who are outside field examination consultants.  Pricing is reduced for the purchase and annual maintenance when AssetWriter and AssetReader are used together.

Operations - Back-Office operations at a lending institution.  This includes loan processing departments and related in-house processing of customer (borrower) records with AssetReader.

Data Processing - Companies that are not lenders or factors that support data processing analysis of lenders ABL reports on a contract basis are able to use AssetReader under special license terms.  Since FinSoft supports the software and the special handling of exceptions, custom programming and technical support questions, this service is priced per seat and per Borrower relationship.  The fee structure includes the per seat purchase, annual maintenance and a per Borrower report fees.

Asset Import - Import capabilities that allow Lenders to import raw data and then push the date to the Operations software in use.  The vendor gets the raw data in a cleaned-up and well organized upload stream.

AssetImport-DLL - Import capabilities that allow Software Vendors to pull-in data using AssetReader or AssetImport models.  Raw data files are selected in the Operations system and then processed by the Import model and DLL parsing technology. 

Functional Area
Basic Features # Imports
per Directory
Report Setups Operations Repots * Accepts Add-On Modules
Examiners Yes Limited** User or Fee Based No No
Operations Yes Unlimited User or Fee Based Yes Yes
Data Processing Yes 10 Borrowers*** User or Fee Based Yes Yes


Functional Area
Basic Features Push or Pull? Report Setups Repots
Operations Department Import Only Pushed by Lender User or Fee Based Raw Data Cleaned-Up
Software Vendor (DLL) Import Only Pulled-in by Ops Software User or Fee Based Raw Data Cleaned-Up


*     Operational reports can include Import vs. Borrower comparison and top "n" Concentrations for AR and AP. 
**    Directory cannot have more than 20 databases.  Examiners typically work in a subdirectory under the Borrower name
***   Licensed per 10 loans processed

With AssetReaderTM

  • Calculate Borrowing Bases for Receivables and Inventory with repeatable setups that "learn" as you work and mark ineligible items.
  • Trap  more detailed Ineligible collateral because nobody has invested in as many tricks, teaks, methods and detail-leveled ineligibles as FinSoft, LLC since 1996. 
  • Be thorough with automation and not the extra work needed to trap ineligible items by account, group or line-item.
  • Save time by automating the process of analyzing agings, sales journals, cash journals, inventory reports and more
  • Reduce fraud risks with report accuracy confirmation (do you reports even foot?)
  • Reduce back-office costs by allowing processors to handle far more reports in less time.
  • Reduce fraud risks with expert analysis of unusual data, invoice patterns and other expert-level tricks with automated reports
  • Improve coverage of testing by getting more done in far less time
  • Save time with templates for repetitive tasks, account groupings, risky customers and report setups
  • Save time performing analysis with the most refined and complete ineligible system available
  • Save time by consolidating multiple data from multiple divisions
  • Verify report accuracy with automation
  • Save time getting credit memos and transactions from journals
  • Analyze data with expert ABL specific reports and the benefit of more time
  • Support and training comes from software and ABL experts
  • Time efficiencies lead to greater productivity
  • Reduce staff work time, frustration and turnover
  • Get control of complex reports
  • Export to AssetWriter field exam software for greater time savings
  • Export to AssetArchive for real-time fraud detection and historical trend analysis


  • 8 GB of Ram
  • Desktop Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2016 or higher
  • Virtual Machines (Windows VM, Citrix / Xen, etc.) that are versions within the past 4 years
  • 50 GB of Hard Drive Space for install and as much space as needed for Borrower data files and database storage
  • Mouse or Similar Pointing Device
  • Display at 1200 x 800 or higher

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