DATA Analysis Outsourcing

Analysis of Electronic Data


Lenders are looking for ways to improve efficiency and accuracy for ineligible calculations without increasing back-office costs or field examination staff sizes.  With the increasing use of data downloads some lenders are learning that it is not always easy to manipulate reports with varying headers, page breaks, date formats and a host of small problems.  Staff turnover places huge responsibility on the Lender to have sustained support for data downloads.  To these concerns, we began processing data for lenders and field examiners.  Fast, accurate and affordable outsouceing of data analysis provides timely ineligible reports, expert analysis and time savings.  Lenders are learning that it can be more economical and technologically feasible to outsource data analysis to a dedicated group of lenders.  Our difference, we're an employee owned software company with a specialty in commercial finance.  


Features Benefits
Expert analysts and programmers Intelligent problem solving and insight
Consistent interface Reports become familiar and predictable
Parameters specified by you Electronically calculate ineligible items over and over
Credits over Eligible Days using 3 methods Experiment with options in seconds
Concentrations based on % and $ limits Control credit and concentration risks
Recurring ineligible items are marked Reduces errors and improves consistency
Enhancements are available immediately No obsolescence and ability to adapt to new formats
Re-age invoices Integrity can be tested in minutes and not hours
List concentrations Data can be tested in minutes and not hours
Calculate confirmation requirements and reports Reduce time needed to mail and track confirmations
Perform shipping / billing test electronically Data can be tested in minutes and not hours
Ineligible calculations are automated Data can be tested in minutes and not hours
Software can be used by back-office or field examiners We sell the same software that we use
Inventory reports can be footed Reduces fraud risks
Movement analysis of inventory Don't lend on the oldest items
Sales and Cash Journals can be tested Group credit memos, debit memos and adjustments
Field Examination time is reduced The examiners can focus on testing instead of compiling


Are your agings and other reports accurate and are you spending too much time on aging or other report analysis?  Worried about fraud?  Worried about staff support overload?  Are you running a revolving door recruiting operation for your back-office.  Want some additional peace of mind?  Look to outsource.  Improved accuracy, consistency, lower operating costs and reduced fraud are just some of the benefits.

Data Analysis  saves time while improving accuracy by removing the manual analysis and formatting headaches that spreadsheets or general use import tools require for aging and other report analysis.

Data Analysis provides a turn-key and state-of-the-art solution for: in-depth analysis, consistent reports, clear presentations, faster report preparation, better field examination time, computer support and cost control.

Data Analysis is backed with reports, expert programmers, continuous updates, and employee-owner technical support.

With DATA Analysis


  • Save time by automating the process of analyzing agings
  • Improve coverage of testing
  • Save time with electronic templates for repetitive tasks or accounts
  • Save time performing receivable and inventory ineligible analysis
  • Improve report accuracy with automation
  • Analyze data with expert reports and the benefit of more time
  • Support and training comes from software and ABL experts
  • Time efficiencies lead to greater productivity
  • Reduce staff work time, frustration and turnover costs
  • Get control of complex reports
  • Export to AssetWriter field exam software for greater time savings


  • Data file from borrowers
  • Ability to recieve files via the internet and email.
  • Windows operating system
  • Ample hard drive space to archive data and analysis files
  • Microsoft Excel
  • A Web Browser