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What's New is New Again -- ABLTrain 2.0

Sometime in 2005, we got cookin' to brew up on-line Asset Based Lending Training Seminar Courses and it took a short seven (7) years until November 2012 to launch the catalog of 14 courses.  Not a cheap or easy business to build and maintain and we talked about that journney …Continue reading →


Better ABL Monitoring From Existing Systems

We ABL folks have had our heads in the sand for far too long with respect to technology-based monitoring and business intelligence. ABL risk reduction starts with AssetArchive as the solution to reduce fraud and improve monitoring with little additional cost …Continue reading →


Stupid Backups Again

Real Estate has the Realtor adage Location, Location, Location but of course you might not want to live in a shack.  Backups are the broken record voice of “You should do it several times a day.. Backup, Backup, Backup…” being met by   …Continue reading →


Happy Birthday to Us... FinSoft, LLC Turns 20

On or about January 5, 1996 our partnership started and the Articles of Incorporation were filed January 19, 1996 to create FinSoft, LLC.  Sitting here one night last week, all of the core events that took place over the past 20 years came into this blog with …Continue reading →


New Ineligible Reserves – Wal-Mart and Others

The Wal-Mart / Amazon / Big-Box Picture There is a storm brewing with Wal-Mart leading the charge to push vendors for lower prices and it started on July 1, 2015.   Wal-Mart, …Continue reading →


Why a CPA / CA Audit is Not Good Enough for ABL…

It is not surprising that the Borrower, especially a Borrower that has no ABL experience would ask about why they need to have and pay for an ABL Audit.  Consider their position: …Continue reading →


THE Guide to Selecting an Outsource Field Examination Firm

It seems like I can guess the question when someone that I don’t know contacts me about hiring an outside field examination company.  “Can you recommend anyone.”  Basically the answer is  …Continue reading →


Training Time for Asset Based Lending

Training Course Fantasy: In a perfect world, you could get together with some of the best people in the business and they would all happen to be great teachers …Continue reading →


The Lance Armstrong Story and How it Relates to Borrower Fraud

For those of you that have been through a fraud (frauds), the characteristics of Lance Armstrong are parallel to some of the fraudulent characters that I have met, sent to …Continue reading →


Have You Hugged Your Receivable Aging Lately?

Borrowers put all sorts of things in their agings. Overpayments, invoices, finance charges, debit memos, adjustments, freight adjustments, tax adjustments, Etc.  All of that works great, it sits there and …Continue reading →


ABL-Help Updated 1998 to 2017…

In The Beginning: What started as a glossary of definitions sometime in 1998  for my students, quickly expanded.  After 6 months of messing around with HLP file generators that used …Continue reading →


Welcome to ABLTrain… “What a long strange trip it’s been”

The web-based asset based lending training seminar project started out perhaps 10 years ago with a software package named Digital Trainer and that product was just not capable of delivering reliable on-line …Continue reading →


White Papers (before there were blogs)

Long before there were blogs, FinSoft wrote a series of White Papers that are typically updated annually for evolving topics such as Hardware and Software selection …Continue reading →