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"No company that we have ever dealt with is this
committed to customers and support!"

No part-timers here!  We've got a team of employee-owners.  That means technical support from people that write the products and it means continued support from the same people.  In addition, we enhance our products daily and issue new updates each quarter (sometimes sooner).  When we release new versions, we start working on the next one... unheard of in the software business, routine at FinSoft since 1996! 

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Support Methods of Support: Ask any prospective vendor about their support and compare it to our outstanding support

We Own The Company - Unlike other software companies, FinSoft is owned and operated by the people that wrote the program, the help files, this web page and more.  We provide insight and support that others can't.  Not just now, but for the future as well and we've been doing this since 1996.

Help Files - We have the best help files available.  Using a visual approach that makes context sensitive help available on each screen of AssetWriter, AssetReader, and AssetArchive, we put answers at your fingertips with F1  Help and related PDF manuals.

Tutorials & Update Vodcasts - Links on the user download page include tutorials produced HTML5 and more to show how to complete specific tasks.  Updates include Vodcasts of screen changes, updated features and narrated examples of enhancements.

Tech Support Phones - Call us during normal business hours.  We also carry cell phones and forward calls to these numbers in the evenings and on weekends.

E-Mail - Send us a detailed description of the problem and we'll get right on it.  If you have an unusual problem that appears to be specific to the examination that you are working on, send the database file so that we can see your particular problem.  We can be reached at: Contact Page

Tech Support Patches - Licensed users are sent e-mail messages that patches are available from our FTP site.  Web links within the software provide rapid updates as patches are deployed.  We can send patches to users in minutes.

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