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We didn't invent fraud, it will not go away,
but you can put up a better defense!

  • Worried about Cat and Mouse games between the borrower and the lender?
  • No time to go beyond trends from month to month?
  • No time to look for exceptions in the underlying data?
  • Are your borrowers slipping in some unusual invoices or creating fake accounts?
  • Worried about fraud in Asset Based Lending?
  • Want some additional peace of mind?
  • Want analysis without the hours needed to get it done every time you get an aging?
  • Want Operations and Account Managers investigate anomalies as reports come in?
  • Want to perform trend and concentration analysis electronically?
  • Want to do step down analysis at the debtor level and not just aging-to-aging?
  • Want to correct addresses where the same customers have names that are spelled differently?
  • Want to confirm debtors by e-mail, fax, phone or postal mail?
  • Want confirmations that are based on exceptions, rules and likely foul-play?
  • Want to track confirmations?
  • Want to get confirmation report summaries to assess your results?
  • Want to log confirmations, reduce duplicate confirmations and summarize confirmation results?
  • Want the ability to use the best tools on the market with fanatical customer support?

Unless you stopped making loans and started giving the
money away, the answer is probably YES to the above.


These are some of the concerns that the Asset Based Lending industry has shared for years.  Our customers have been asking for a way to archive the AssetReader data to extract simple trends, comparative Borrowing Bases and concentration balances over time and pull more focused confirmations (an optional module).  The programmers wanted artificial intelligence (AI) against the data and of course, the programmers and owners wanted to invent more new stuff to take advantage of that.  With over 33 years of ABL experience, including audit, operations, fraud investigations, highly regarded ABL training classes and a desire to invent another new product, the FinSoft team has come up with AI that the ABL industry has needed for years -- Easy to achieve warnings about exceptions, anomalies and unusual items.

AssetArchive combines ongoing data analytics from AI and business intelligence (BI) to "find the needle in the haystack of data."  The integrated data, AI and BI analytics, and optional confirmation abilities make AssetArchive the most intelligent risk monitoring and confirmation tool in the ABL business.  Achieve near-factoring level monitoring without the labor and rental space costs. 


Enhance your existing loan operations system with time saving
downloads, fraud detection techniques and smarter confirmations.


AssetWriter, the premier Field Examination Software






Features Benefits
Downloaded data Calculate ineligibles in minutes, age the reports correctly
Data details Factoring-like details without the work and costs
Archive of AssetReader data See trends, averages, variances and exceptions
Corporate wide access to reports Originated in Operations, but available company wide
Concentration trends Assess trends of AR and AP concentrations over time
New debtors Identify new account debtors that could require more analysis
Circuit Breakers (artificial intelligence Metrics Settings) that use machine learning (ML) to retain the setups for each Borrower. Setup thresholds, minimum and maximum amounts to trigger the data highlighted on the hot-spot Metrics reports (also used for the optional confirmation module) for AI setup.  Users can set rules based on Max, Min or Average invoices or balances and minimum amounts to consider.  These are retained as ML setups that can be used again-and-again for each Borrower.  Risk-based items are identified for immediate inquiry or optional Confirmation Module monitoring.
Test against invoice values Highlight invoices that exceed certain parameters
Test against account debtor values Highlight balances that exceed certain parameters
Track changes in the ineligible balances Highlight material changes in the ineligible balances
Step-Down Testing Aging, Per Debtor and invoice-level step-down analysis
Time and cost savings Reduce preparation times for monthly reports
Confirmations (optional module) using the AI and BI settings Risk based confirmations from AssetArchive data analytics sent by e-mail, fax, mail or confirm by phone log.  Custom letters for each Borrower, exclude certain debtors, exclude ineligible accounts and confirmation results tracking.  Confirmation logging can break-out and code exceptions and contact notes for summary and detailed reports.  Correct names where the same customer appears with different spellings and one address.
MS SQL or Oracle database Robust support on your servers
.NET Core-based software (32bit or 64 bit) State-of-The-Art design, speed , deployment
More... Call for a demonstration



  • AssetReader to convert reports and upload data to AssetArchive
  • 8GB of Ram
  • Windows-7 / Windows-8 / Windows-10 Desktops or Virtual Instances (Remote Desktop, Citrix/Xen, Etc.)
  • MS SQL Server 2008 or higher or Oracle
  • 5 GB per loan Data Storage on a Server
  • Mouse or Similar Pointing Device

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