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FinSoft, LLC


Who We Are:

FinSoft is a USA company made up from employee-owners who are all computer junkies and range in skills from programmers, Asset Based Lending Auditors and a CPA.  Experience ranges from computer programming from 20 to over 30 years, ABL audits since 1985 and the CPA thing since 1984.  We do only ABL and our principal owners have the experience to focus on only ABL.

FinSoft people love what they do.  We're more than computer junkies, we're a bit passionate about quality and perfection and we love ABL.  We believe that our customers are our board of directors and the only bad idea is not listening to customers.  We don't hide our software and our web page and demos are designed to give you valuable information (question those that hide).  Our web support page for licensed users is state-of-the-art and has been applauded by computer industry insiders.

Why Build AssetWriter and AssetReader and ABL-Help?:

Joe Caplan has working exclusively in the ABL field exam and software development business since 1985 and has taught the #1 rated Intermediate / Advance ABL Audit Seminars since 1994 and the DATA Course since 2000 and launched ABLTrain.com in 2012.  With a love of PC computing and some sophisticated spreadsheets, Mr. Caplan's exam formats and workpapers have been copied by many of the largest lending institutions and CPA firms.

In 1994, Mr. Caplan decided to start designing a full-blown field exam package that would remove spreadsheet and word processing formatting headaches.  Using the existing models and studying the time wasting factors in preparing an examination, Mr. Caplan laid the blueprint for a stand-alone package.

In January of 1996, FinSoft, LLC was formed to turn the blueprint into a program.  Donald B. Brookes was made a partner in the venture and his years of programming experience with Westinghouse Electric and other consulting firms was in motion.  FinSoft quickly tapped the brains of other senior software engineers one of the world's foremost experts at PDF decryption.

Over 500,000 lines of code and countless hours of testing in one product (AssetWriter) and hundreds of thousands of lines of code in the rest, the dream is a reality.  We added AssetReader in 1999 as an additional product for our customers that wished to log-onto AR agings, sales journals, cash journals, GL journals, inventory reports, AP agings and other reports.  AssetReader is 100% coded by FinSoft, uses no external parsing tools and does not rely on Microsoft Office.  It grew quickly to displace long standing and hard to use tools with instant results and expert analysis.  AssetArchive is an ASP.NET application that controls a data-mart of AssetReader exports and provides keen insights to bth track activity and reduce fraud risks to all members of a team, regardless of location.

The employee-owner concept guarantees support and response to questions.  The ABL experience used to engineer these products shows insight and audit efficiency at its highest level.  Finally, Mr. Caplan's training seminars and on-line tutorials provide a proven path toward fast adaptation.  All of our systems have complete Help Files that are screen specific.  Combined, these tools are turning ordinary exams that took days to complete into extraordinary analysis that takes only hours to complete.

The FinSoft Philosophy:

  • Real software comes from industry insiders
  • Real software comes from a fanatical focus
  • Real Programmers Don't Sleep!
  • Real software companies are owned by programmers!
  • Real software companies don't release known bugs!
  • Real software companies don't hide their work and they post their product information on the web.
  • Real programmers make customers say WOW!
  • Real software companies provide unreal support!
  • Real software companies listen to the customer!
  • Real Windows software uses cutting edge components!
  • Real programmers hard code the SQL
  • Real programmers optimize code, speed and the user interface!
  • All USA based programming and no development outside of the USA.
  • The real future is created!
  • Ordinary software is their software and Unreal software comes from FinSoft's fanatical focus


We are privately held, debt free and are not seeking investors.  FinSoft does not share any information about operations, sales or other financial data with anyone outside of FinSoft.