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Welcome Fellow Practitioners:

Customer base expansion has placed a greater need for outsource firms to use FinSoft products and we are responding to that need with special pricing and training.  FinSoft's founder, Joe Caplan, has been in the ABL industry since 1985, including 13 years of outsource work.  Your needs are understood on multiple levels and your feedback has created the following program pricing and training schedule.

With some of the top 10 lenders and some of the largest banks in the world using FinSoft products, we fully understand and support your needs as you migrate from an Excel-based world.  We have good news for you and we welcome you to our list of distinguished friends.

Special AssetWriter Pricing:

We realize that most of the outsourcing firms are part-time users of the AssetWriter product.  We reduced the price for outsource firms that are part-time users to @ 70% off of prices that lenders pay.  Annual maintenance is the same for all users.  This is offered only to outsource firms and sole practitioners.

Special AssetReader Pricing:

More lenders are demanding data analysis with AssetReader for speedy ineligible calculations, stats, contras, concentrations, account grouping and inventory analysis.  We have always offered significant AssetReader discount pricing when combined with AssetWriter, but special discounts are available to outsourcing firms for AssetReader as a stand-alone product.  In addition combined maintenance discounts are offered when the products are paired together.  Please call for information.

Special Concurrent Use Rights:

Without the use of annoying and easily lost "hardware dongles," we allow concurrent use to float among your staff.  If you have two licenses you are permitted to have two people using the software on the same day.  If you have five people in the field on the same day with the FinSoft products, then you need five licenses.  But you can install it on 100 machines, laptops, desktops, at home, etc. as long as you abide by the agreement.  This is offered only to outsource firms and the employees that fall within their domain.  This is the honor system and we trust auditors to "do the right thing."

Special Training Sessions:

We have been adding classes on a regular basis with special outsource firm training sessions for $350.00/USD per person for each product. 

See our contact page if you need to reach us for more information.